If you want or have a podcast, we can help you. Since 2016, The Podglomerate has offered production, distribution, and monetization services for dozens of new and industry-leading podcasts. Whether you’re just beginning or looking to bring a popular show to the next level, we offer what you need.


Regardless of where we encounter our partners on their podcast journey, we leverage our network and experience to help define meaningful goals, and maximize resources in pursuit of those goals. And for the record…we still love making our own podcasts–so keep an ear out for our homegrown Originals.

We've brought Jeff Umbro onto multiple Pod People projects, and he's one of our absolute favorite partners. He's knowledgeable, organized, proactive, thoughtful, and professional in his approach. No matter how big the client, we can trust Jeff to do a wonderful job leveraging the project to get maximum exposure and making sure we hit and exceed our marketing goals. Can't wait to work together again!

Rachael King

CEO of Pod People

Working with Jeff and the Podglomerate has been a dream.  We’ve shot in multiple states, with guests old, young, tech-savvy, tech-illiterate, and it’s always run smoothly.  They’re very honest and transparent about everything that goes on backend-wise.  They’re also great at helping get guests I’m having trouble locking in.  I have a lot of friends with podcasts, on a lot of different podcast networks, and their experience sounds nothing like mine.  Couldn’t recommend them more.

Dan Ahdoot

host of Green Eggs & Dan

Podglomerate hustles hard in just about every way starting with an energetic approach to making great content through raising awareness with truly state-of-the-art podcast marketing tactics.

Steven Goldstein

CEO of Amplifi Media

The Podglomorate are total pros at what they do, and an absolute pleasure to work with as well. In an industry that can be ultra competitive and ever-evolving, Jeff and his team have been incredibly collaborative and have truly become an extension of both us and our clients.

Nadine Robinson

COO of Podcast Nation

I fully credit Jeff with our audience’s growth, as well as with its evolving composition. This is not lip-service. It is how I feel. I truly believe that Jeff has taken our podcast to the next level, and view him as nothing short of a miracle maker.

Mishy Harman

host and creator of Israel Story

Working with The Podglomerate has super-charged the audience growth of our clients. Working with Jeff is an absolute pleasure.

Roger Nairn

CEO of JAR Media

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We help brands and independents foster their ideas through conception, development and production of high-quality audio storytelling. In studio, at home, or on the go… Just let us know what suits you.


We help structure publicity and marketing campaigns to bring attention to new podcasts. We offer white label and premium solutions in addition to services for our existing show. 


Once you’ve found a dedicated and engaged audience, we can help monetize your podcast through ad sales, premium content distribution, and live events.

Jeff Umbro


Dan Christo


Joni Deutsch

VP of Marketing and Audience Development

Chris Boniello

VP of Production Services

Madison Richards

Senior Marketing Manager

Morgan Swift

Marketing Manager

Annabella Pena

Marketing Manager

Vanessa Ullman

Marketing Manager

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