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Creative Development

Whether you're looking to create a new show or improve an existing one, we work with you to solidify the vision- from ideating on show concepts to developing episode structures to establishing the series' mission and sound.


Executing a vision requires a plan. We guide you through the creative and scheduling logistics to ensure your project is on-track to achieve its goals before production begins.


Production involves setting up the right equipment. It combines recording interviews and narration, gathering archival tape, editing scripts, and managing the coordination of multiple schedules. Our experienced team is with you every step of the way.


It’s time to take all of that audio and build the show. Crafting rich sound worlds, editing down interviews to their best parts, finding the perfect music to set the scene, and of course, making sure the voices sound crisp and beautiful is all in the magic of post-production.

Series Support

Momentum is crucial to a successful show, and we’re committed to helping you maintain the show’s quality and engagement for the duration.


Every show will have its own process based on budget, timing, and scope, but here’s a breakdown of what’s possible. 

  • We begin every project by defining our goals. We can’t gauge success if we don’t know what we’re hoping to achieve.
  • We will work with you to solidify the vision for the show. From ideating on concepts to developing the mission, tone, and sound.
  • For existing shows, we’ll provide an audit detailing what is working, what isn’t, and how we would go about fixing the problems. 
  • For new shows, we’ll sit down with you to hammer out the details of what’s realistic and sustainable, while also aiming for the stars. 
  • Our production team will draft a content calendar to set concrete deadlines and keep us all on track.
  • Depending on the show we’re creating, there may be a need for research, scripting, guest outreach, booking, and much more. Our seasoned team of producers and engineers know all the questions to ask to make sure we’re ready for the recording light to turn on.
  • Crafting narrative elements and creating initial pitch documents and production materials. Scripting styles can vary based on need, including but not limited to: narrative, interview, fiction, journalistic. 
  • A show’s artwork, title, description, and branding are often the most important and overlooked aspects of a production. We work with best in class writers, designers, and marketers to help craft these branding assets. 
  • We guide you through the creative and scheduling logistics to ensure your project is on-track to achieve its goals before production begins.
  • When it’s time to record we bring along all of the best equipment so that you can feel at ease.
  • We can be flexible to record remotely, in-studio, or right where the action is happening. 
  • Every step of the way we are right there with you making sure everything sounds its best and we’re getting those nuggets of audio gold for your production. 
  • We take your raw materials and begin to craft them into the final product. 
  • In this step we make sure the audience hears everything perfectly and that your voice shines through.
  • Our team has experience assembling and editing across a wide range of show types. We can find gold within a long interview, or put your listeners right in the heart of the action with engaging sound design.
  • Music creation and selection is a key step in this process to find the right tone for your show.
  • Our audio mixers will make sure your show sounds perfect across all platforms and locations. We hit all of the industry standards so you don’t have to worry about anything sounding wrong.
  • Our team makes sure that we can overcome any challenges that may face us throughout the release of your show.
  • We make sure every episode sounds the same and that your audience is excited and engaged with each release.
  • Your project will be organized and maintained to ensure stability.
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