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Podglomerate creates incredible content, invites partners in to learn and grow together, and approaches the industry with optimism and a sense of possibility that’s infectious.”

– Jessica Cordova-Kramer, CEO & Co-Founder of Lemonada Media

“Always enjoy collaborating with the Podglomerate team. They strive to be a leader in their space and it shows. Trust that the team can support complex partnerships and execute on strategy.”

– Russell Weissman, COO of All Things Comedy 

“Sometimes building an audience for a show can feel like an equation with too many variables and unknowns. The Podglomerate team brings a unique approach to the challenge, combining a deep understanding of how great audio is made with a rigorous approach to promotion.”

– Brendan Sweeney, Director, New Content & Innovation at KUOW Public Radio

“I couldn’t imagine a more knowledgeable, talented, well-connected, and reliable team than The Podglomerate. They make running our podcast easy and smooth. With them you truly feel that you’re in good hands, and don’t need to worry about anything. They’ve got it!”

– Emma Varvaloucas, Executive Director at The Progress Network

“The Podglomerate is one of the early pioneers in the podcasting space. I first worked with them as a customer/buyer and they became my first customer when I launched Flightpath.”

– Sean Howard, Founder and CEO of Flightpath

“Podglomerate has been a long time partner, and friend to our company Quill. They are our go to experts on all things related to podcast monetization, and a wealth of knowledge on creating high quality shows that are set up for success. They would be an asset for any team they work with.”

– Fatima Zaidi, Founder and CEO of Quill Inc.

“The Podglomerate has been an essential part of our audience growth. Their years of experience in the audio space have helped us understand how to reach new listeners quickly and efficiently.”

– Anni Cuccinello, VP Growth and Product at AFAR

“I always love receiving press releases and pitches from The Podglomerate team. They’re always well-researched, thoughtful, and personalized.”

– Arielle Nissenblatt, Community Marketing Manager at Descrit, Founder of Earbuds Podcast Collective

“We have been working with the Podglomerate since 2022. It has been a great experience. They have secured some amazing advertising contracts for us with incredible brands. The team is always pleasant and respectful and I hope to continue working with them into the future.”

– Lindsay McMahon, Founder and CEO of All Ears English

“The best team, with the most clout, and the best track record of successfully supporting podcast growth, in the industry, period. If you’re serious about generating exposure and expanding your audience, the Podglomerate gets it done.”  

– Dusty Weis, Founder and President of Podcamp Media

“The Podglomerate has been instrumental for podcast audience development here at WHYY Digital Studios. As a local member station with a national audience, The Podglomerate has helped us grow our capacity to reach new listeners on digital platforms.”

– Tom Grahsler, Executive Producer | Director of Digital Studios at WHYY

“The Podglomerate was a great partner to launch my podcast Deep Purpose. They not only got the content, but then helped find ideal venues to get it to the right people! Great thought partner but also someone who could put ideas into action.”

– Ranjay Gulati, Professor at Harvard Business School and Host of Deep Purpose

“The Podglomerate team is among the most professional and knowledgeable in the industry. Outside of what they do in their day-to-day, The Podglomerate is always at the center of what’s happening in the podcast world. And, they will always go out of their way to bring people together and create a high tide for all ships! 10 out of 10, would recommend!”

– Eric Barnett, Director of Sales and Marketing at Supporting Cast

“Working with the Podglomerate team was invaluable. They’re some of the most knowledgeable folks in the game + fun to work with. A spicy combo!”

– Jonathan Barshop, Sr. Podcast Growth Marketer at Hubspot

“The Podglomerate has proven its effectiveness in finding creative ways to maximize your podcast marketing budget.”

– Kristen Hayford, The Other West Coast Productions

The Podglomerate brought unparalleled expertise to marketing our show, American Masters: Creative Spark! In an ever-shifting media landscape, The Podglomerate is always on top of it with a detailed, thoughtful approach to finding audiences.”

– Joe Skinner, Digital Lead for PBS’ American Masters

Since we’ve started working with The Podglomerate our podcast launches and campaigns have been enormously successful, with demonstrable audience growth and unprecedented media coverage for our organization’s work. This team is incredibly competent, understands our journalistic mission, and is really fun to work with!”

– Rebecca Lavoie, Director of Podcasts/On Demand at NHPR

“All the folks at The Podglomerate are consummate professionals: they do what they say they’re going to do, they stay on top of technological developments, they maintain and help facilitate top of the line industry relationships, and they get results. And in the midst of all that, they’re fun to work with!”

– Lee Camp, Host of No Small Endeavor

“The Podglomerate team is always a pleasure to work with. Whether teaming up for promo swaps or co-presenting on industry panels, their deep knowledge and collaborative spirit stands out from the pack.”

– Maggie Taylor, Founder of Maggie Taylor Creative

“The Podglomerate team is professional, knowledgeable, and willing to share their expertise with the broader industry. Anyone would be lucky to work with them.” 

– Harry Morton, Founder and CEO of Lower Street Media

“Every exchange I have with The Podglomerate one is a positive one. They love to work creatively and collaboratively, my favorite ways! Plus I really just like to hang out with them!”

– Lauren Passell, Founder of Tink Media

“The Podglomerate crew understands how to push and pull the right levers to have podcasts found and discovered in a crazy crowded space.”

– Steven Goldstein, Founder and CEO of Amplifi Media

“I enjoy the collaborative approach The Podglomerate team takes in working with their clients and colleagues. You’ll find genuine care and support for your project with them.”

– Meggan Ellingboe, Independent Podcast PR and Marketing Consultant

“The Podglomerate’s full-service podcast marketing team allowed us to focus on what we do best: create compelling audio. Their expertise helped us make a big splash when launching our newest show, The Broadside. The foundation they laid has helped us continue to build listenership across our slate of shows. The team is also an absolute pleasure to work with, always available to touch base and answer questions along the way. We’ll be going back to them with future marketing and promotional needs.”

– Wilson Sayre, Director of Digital Content, WUNC

“Partnering with The Podglomerate is one of the best decisions we’ve made.  Their work has surpassed expectations at every stage of production. During recordings, their warmth and technical expertise never fail to put guests at ease. In post-production, their commitment to high-quality audio ensures that episodes sound crisp, clean, and professional. They’ve been consistently reliable in troubleshooting any issues that have come up, and they’ve been very supportive in helping to shape the direction of our podcast. Since we began working with them, our audience has grown significantly. Thank you, Podglomerate!”

– James Shaheen, Editor & Publisher at Tricycle: The Buddhist Review and Host of Tricycle Talks

I’ve collaborated with The Podglomerate team for years and they’ve only gotten better with time.  The marketing team is creative, innovative and always willing to push the bounds of traditional podcast marketing.”

– Amber Smith, Audience Development Director

“The Podglomerate have been wonderful marketing and PR strategy partners. They’ve even provided valuable industry- and trend-related guidance to our production team. The team is patient and committed to working with our legacy brand considerations and has helped us reach a wider and more diverse set of audiences, as well as secure various respected media placements and sponsor opportunities.”

– Danielle Broza, Head of Digital, PBS Nature

Consistently impressed with the work that comes out of The Podglomerate. The team has proven themselves experts across audience growth, production, and monetization while prioritizing educating their clients and optimizing their strategies.”

– Bryan Barletta, Partner at Sounds Profitable

I never hesitate to recommend clients look at The Podglomerate, when they’re chasing podcast growth or monetization opportunities.”

– Sharon Taylor, SVP Podcast Strategy & Product Operations at Triton Digital

“I think it was by way of multiple referrals that I happened upon The Podglomerate. I’d never encountered a podcast-specific marketing agency before, but they are so needed in today’s publishing world! Everyone on staff at the Podglomerate is so knowledgeable about the space. They were a responsive, proactive, and engaged partner that helped us build a solid foundation for a pretty niche show — a branded podcast about AI in business. They counseled us on hosting platforms, found us some excellent cross-promo partners, and helped us streamline our reporting. And, the team was so fun to work with; my team looked forward to our catch-up calls.”

– Allison Ryder, Program Director, Big Ideas at MIT Sloan Management Review 

“The Podglomerate has been a critical partner in all of our podcast growth and distribution efforts. The team has deep knowledge of the latest growth strategies and channels, and strong relationships with everyone in the podcast industry to make any collaboration possible.”

– Jared Smith, former Growth Marketing Partner, a16z

“As newcomers to the podcasting world, we were grateful for Podglomerate’s seasoned guidance. The Podglomerate team skillfully navigated us through the intricacies of promotion and audience building. With Podglomerate’s expertise and extensive industry network, the I AM STORY podcast was able to reach the right ears (and hearts and minds) and make a lasting and profound impact.”

Tiffany Ricci, Associate Director of Communications at AFSCME

“Working with The Podglomerate has been a dream.  We’ve shot in multiple states, with guests old, young, tech savvy, tech illiterate, and it’s always run smoothly.  They’re very honest and transparent about everything that goes on backend-wise.  They’re also great at helping get guests I’m having trouble locking in.  I have a lot of friends with podcasts, on a lot of different podcast networks, and their experience sounds nothing like mine.  Couldn’t recommend them more…”

– Dan Ahdoot, Host of Green Eggs & Dan

“I had heard many accolades about The Podglomerate from multiple sources. They had all described their impressive abilities, wide-ranging knowledge, sheer professionalism and endless dedication. And indeed, from our very first conversation, it was clear that they were absolutely right: Not only is The Podglomerate’s deep understanding of the podcasting world unparalleled, but their insights and intuitions are invariably spot on.”

– Mishy Harman, Host and Creator of Israel Story

Working with The Podglomerate has super-charged the audience growth of our clients. Working with them is an absolute pleasure.”

– Roger Nairn, CEO of JAR Media

“The Podglomorate are total pros at what they do, and an absolute pleasure to work with as well. In an industry that can be ultra competitive and ever-evolving, Jeff and his team have been incredibly collaborative and have truly become an extension of both us and our clients. 

– Nadine Robinson, COO of Podcast Nation

We’ve brought The Podglomerate onto multiple Pod People projects, and they’re one of our absolute favorite partners. They’re knowledgeable, organized, proactive, thoughtful, and professional in their approach. No matter how big the client, we can trust The Podglomerate to do a wonderful job leveraging the project to get maximum exposure and making sure we hit and exceed our marketing goals. Can’t wait to work together again!”

– Rachael King, CEO of Pod People

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