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Assess & Consult

We'll gather data and recommend changes that can improve the marketability of your show, without compromising its integrity.

Go to Market

Now that your show is ready to pitch, we'll leverage our network of advertisers, agencies, and shows for any direct sponsorship opportunities – or work to create opportunities. Examples include run-of-network deals, package deals, or 360/multimedia engagement.

Deliver the Goods

When an advertiser signs, you'll work with our team to optimize your ad read, structure, and call to action to best reflect the goals of the advertiser. Aside from sales conversions, publisher engagement and prompt service (that's our part) is crucial for advertiser renewal.

Leverage Our Tech

We pay for the expensive tech licenses so you don't have to. We have several systems to maximize the monetization potential of your inventory, and quickly react to market changes. We'll forecast and diagnose the performance of every campaign, and your show's overall performance.

Review & Revise

Our monetization strategy evolves with your show, and the industry. The podcast advertising ecosystem is still rapidly growing, and we're accustomed to adapting to new tech, standards, and reporting requirements. We'll learn from the performance on each past campaign, and position you to capture future campaigns as the market moves.


Every campaign will have its own process based on size, setup, timing, and scope, but here’s a breakdown of what we bring to the table for your show sales. 

  • Hundreds of direct sponsorship relationships. If they’re spending money on podcasts, we can reach them.
  • Dozens of Agency relationships. We have access to all media agencies representing podcast advertisers, and 360 media firms looking to promote across all channels.
  • Affiliate and partner networks. We have strategic partnerships with other shows, networks, and agencies in order to get you access to as many deals as possible. Buyers have an appetite to purchase packages of shows, in addition to direct placements, and collaboration is key. 
  • All of our shows have the option of using our Megaphone hosting platform by Spotify, which produces high-end programmatic ads with high revenue thresholds. They’re constantly developing their Audience Insight portal, which provides deep insight to your show’s demographics
  • Flightpath is the first of its kind podcast ad sales platform that ingests information from Megaphone into their predictive and real-time modeling engine. It allows us to understand exact inventory in real-time, quickly build & change sellable packages, accelerate quote-to-cash, decrease make-goods, and is full of operational tools to ensure efficient and accurate servicing of ad contracts. 
  • Advertisers databases. We subscribe to services that provide current records of who is buying in podcasts, audio, digital media, and marketing. 
  • Our team has a deep understanding of the podcast industry, and uses platforms like Muckrack, Podchaser Pro, Chartable, Spotify Ad Analytics, and more in order to make sure your show is set up in the best way possible. 
  • All of the above is free to our partners. 
  • Unlike other networks, you have live-access to the status of your deals and their payment milestones. Always. You will be presented with every opportunity, but never pressured to take one that is not aligned with your show. No hidden terms of conditions on ad contracts, or our contracts.
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